Data Visualization – very cool.

I know data visualization is not necessarily new but it seems that with the ever-increasing amount of data created each day, more than ever we need a new and interesting way to quickly look at data and derive insights from it.

Data mapping or data visualizations (DV), when done properly, can literally take thousands and thousands of data points and create one or more interactive visuals for that data. Those visuals can be used to see trends and connections you may not otherwise see. It is also much more visually appealing than pouring over pages and pages of data charts and graphs, although I do not believe it should replace that core data.

I look at data visualizations as more of a 30,000 foot view of the data and an executive summary for those short on time and patience, although I believe that eventually DV will become sophisticated enough to replace the way we consume data today and allow us to draw new insights, never before possible. In my mind DV is a “cousin” of mind maps, which are generally used to visually synthesize thoughts and ideas rather than data.

Although I have run market research teams, I am not an expert on data analysis. I simply thought this would be interesting to share with others.

Below if a DV of my LinkedIn Network as one example.

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