Enjoy Your Favorite Shows & Sports With Time Warner Cable PS3

What many consider to be the best gaming console on the market is the Sony PS3. While Microsoft has come out with a new gaming system, dubbed “Xbox 360,” PS3 still holds its own. But sometimes cable companies don’t carry certain cable networks, and people are forced to buy an extra device or multiple devices so they can enjoy their favorite shows.

Fortunately for PS3 gamers who subscribe to Time Warner Cable, there is no need to worry about getting additional equipment just because you want to watch ESPN or another TWC-owned cable network. With the HDMI output that every PS3 comes equipped with, users can easily hook up any or all of their TWC-owned cable channels to get all of their television in one place. Moreover, with Time Warner Cable you are getting great service and programming for a great price (even though some may argue about that). Let’s dig deeper into the option of using Time Warner cable PS3, so you can decide for yourself.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Time Warner cable PS3 is a great service. However, as with everything on this planet, it has its benefits, as well as downsides. What’s great about time warner cable ps3? There are a few things. They include:

  • being able to download the TWC TV app from the PlayStation Store for free, giving you access to all kinds of content on your Playstation 3 through your cable box, including the ability to watch LIVE TV, no need for an extra cable box anymore!
  • also included with this is that you can add premium channels such as HBO GO and Showtime Anytime on your Playstation 3 through your “TV” button menu. No need for a Roku or Wii anymore!
  • saving money by bundling services together if they already have these services in their home
  • a more responsive customer service team compared to old school cable companies like Comcast
  • a much higher upload speed compared to what they usually have, for uploading videos or pictures
  • faster downloading speeds from the internet compared to what people get from their ISP’s.

Downsides of using Time Warner Cable for PS3

However, there is always a catch. For example, if you want to watch Your Cable Network on your PS3, it will cost you an extra monthly fee in addition to the amount of money already spent on your regular Time Warner Cable bill. However, TWC is offering two different packages to make this service more affordable for its subscribers.

On the other hand, the first package offers all-included options that can provide subtitles, parental controls, and sports packages for no extra charge when used with the PlayStation 3’s HDMI output. This means that users can control their TV with voice or through gestures if they have a hard time keeping up with all the controller buttons. This package also comes with Sports Passport and Kids Passport which are available on Time Warner Cable’s Web site, giving users more options to watch sports and children’s programming.

One of the other downfalls is not being able to stream movies online with services like Netflix while someone is using your connection on another TV in the house(which would be a problem without TWC anyway) – also, while watching live TV on another TV, this could result in a slow video feed if you’re trying to watch one thing while someone else is doing something else online. This can be solved by getting an extra cable box. 

Apps and Live Television on Your PS3

Time Warner Cable also offers apps that can be watched live on the PS3 or through Video-On-Demand service for no extra money. The difference between the two packages is the limited viewing option. With this package, users are allowed to have only 30 minutes of free viewing before they are required to upgrade their account by subscribing with a paid monthly fee. But, there are some terms and conditions which should be considered before taking advantage of this offer:

  1.  A cable box has to be provided for this offer to work while using your PlayStation 3 as your TV
  2.  HD and DVR Cable boxes are not included during this promotional offer
  3. Bill protection has to be activated for you to take advantage of this offer
  4. Other services such as premium channels and video on demand can’t be used while streaming your cable network with your PlayStation 3. This service is only compatible with the entire Time Warner Cable lineup
  5.  Users will need a minimum 5 Mbps broadband connection for this offer to work properly. A 2 Mbps connection won’t cut it at all. It’s best if you have a 7 Mbps upload speed or higher. 

The company has also expanded its offerings a lot with its new service, which is also called TV ON Demand. With this service, users must log in to Time Warner Cable Internet using their broadband connections to stream movies and television shows. “The idea behind this is to make television and movies available at home whenever you want it, and at a reasonable price,” says Jeff Wiese, the President of Time Warner Cable. The customer chooses the movies, music, sports events, pay-per-view events, television shows, etc., and can add any number of services onto their subscription plan. The company will send customers a free digital download code when they subscribe, along with their standard monthly billing cycle.

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