The PoachIt App – Android App Review

The PoachIt application developed for smartphones is meant for travelers and backpackers as it tracks their spending habits to maximize their profits. The app also helps in cutting down on expenses while traveling.

This innovative and unique mobile application from Appiction is a must-have for travelers and backpackers as it helps track expenditures, which in turn helps to maximize profits. In this article, we discuss in detail how you can get the PoachIt app for Android and what it offers users.

A smartphone app that is specifically meant to help to track expenditure and helping people to cut down on their expenses is considered a necessity these days. PoachIt app Android can be used to track the spending habits of individuals comprehensively. You can use this app by logging into your Google account from any Android smartphone and you can track spending trends. Once you are done with your logging in, you can immediately export your data into the excel file and use it for further analysis.

How to Use PoachIt App on Android

The app is available at a very simple price and it doesn’t require any additional subscription or purchasing by the user. This makes it a really good option for those who wish to track their spending habits on their mobile devices without incurring any extra costs or payments. One of the best features of the app is its dashboard design that is very user-friendly and easy to understand. The app offers users the option to track:

  • cash
  • credit card
  • gift cards
  • gas
  • and cruise card spends.

To make the best use of this android app, users must select a destination beforehand. Be it a city or province in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world that’s on your map, this step needs to be taken before you can move forward with the app. On launching the PoachIt application, users are required to specify their travel dates and enter their destination country. The application is designed for both local and foreign travelers which means after specifying your location type in “Malaysia” for example, you’ll get updates about nearby places such as restaurants and eateries.

Once all these steps have been done, you’ll then be provided with customized lists containing information such as food prices in the city/county that you’re visiting, where to buy them at the cheapest rates, and many other details. The app also displays information about taxi fares, which it obtains from Uber. For example, when in Penang, you can find out all the food prices in Penang through this android app or if you are traveling in Sarawak, you can use PoachIt for android to know the cost of cab rides there.

App Specifications

The PoachIt app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. The app is compatible with almost all smartphones including:

  1. smartphones
  2. tablets
  3. digital tablet
  4. and more.

The app requires no extra monthly charges or subscriptions. The only payment the user will incur is for the continued use of the app after its subscription period expires.

PoachIt app Android also provides the option of sending text alerts to the parents on specific expenditure amounts so that they can take steps to curb such spending. The PoachIt app is very useful as it is easy to download and easy to install. The entire process is very simple and it does not take a lot of time for users to get started. The app will also help them track their kid’s activity and make them accountable for their expenditure. The app is very simple to use as it does not require any complex setup on the phone. It also comes with a variety of options that users can select. This makes it possible for users to select the option that best suits their needs and they will never get confused while using it.

The interesting thing is that this application doesn’t just offer users these services but provides them with a map view that helps monitor daily expenses. The map even indicates places where one can save money by looking for cheaper alternatives. The PoachIt App might quickly become your best travel mate as apart from being able to cut down your expenses while on the go, it helps in discovering new places that you never knew existed.

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